The Benefits of Landscaping & Hardscaping


The Benefits of Landscaping & Hardscaping

When people think “landscaping” they usually only consider plants, trees and bushes. But one important part of landscaping that often gets overlooked is hardscaping. Most people think hardscaping refers to big things like fire pits, paved surfaces, retaining walls, etc. While it definitely does include those things, hardscaping is really just any design element that isn’t living. Benches, walkways, and strategically placed rocks are all considered hardscaping. Incorporating hardscaping and landscaping into your design can add both functionality and beauty.

Check out some of the specific benefits below.

  1. Correct grade problems and improve drainage
    An uneven lawn can create a lot of problems, from soil erosion to poor drainage and areas that are completely inaccessible. Adding a retaining wall can help prevent soil erosion and create a flat space for plants to grow. Incorporating a pathway or stairs can make the top or bottom of a steep slope more accessible. A paved surface can even out slopped or bumpy areas of your lawn and create the perfect place for adding potted plants, a must-have when creating a New Orleans courtyard!
  2. Add privacy
    A living fence created with strategically placed shrubs and trees can make your entire yard a private space. Often we use plants of varying size and texture to give visual interest and keep the eye moving around the space.
  3. Expand your living space
    Creating a paved courtyard or multi-level space can expand your living area. Outdoor kitchens, paved surfaces, fire pits and outdoor seating can create spaces for entertaining guests—or just spending time by yourself—when the weather is nice, instead of being confined to your living room.
  4. Enhance your landscaping
    Hardscaping creates unique textures that diversify your space and contrast with your plants. It also allows you to create focal points and well-defined areas. Bonus: Hardscaping features won’t die during the winter.
  5. Direct traffic
    Paved or stone paths and sidewalks send a clear signal to your guests where they’re supposed to walk so they don’t trample the grass you’ve spent so much time taking care of. Exterior Designs also creates stable off-street parking for those living in the city where parking can be a real challenge.
  6. Reduce maintenance
    More hardscaping means less grass. Stones and concrete don’t need to be cut or watered, which means you can spend less time maintaining your landscaping and more time enjoying it!
  • Landscape Hobbyist Reply

    Beyond plants and trees, hardscaping elements like walkways and benches add functionality and beauty to outdoor spaces, creating harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environments.

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