Entryways, Driveways & Off-street Parking

off street parking

Entryways, Driveways & Off-street Parking

Visitors and neighbors’ first impression of your home is their view from the street and your home should be welcoming. Exterior Designs creates curb appeal by constructing and landscaping driveways and walkways, and even correcting standing water and poor drainage problems. We also select plant materials and containers to make your front door, porch, or balcony more inviting.


paved walkway

Exterior Designs uses scored concrete (near) and slate (far) here to provide a strong even surface to access the home’s entry. Landscaping the walkway creates a welcoming path to guide visitors to the home’s front entry.


We see a lot of problems in the New Orleans area with off-street parking where homeowners do not have a sufficient area to park or the existing drive is broken and does not accommodate the cars of today. We overcome this challenge by constructing a new driveway, fixing broken and uneven concrete. We can link your driveway to a walkway or even create a small walk giving your guests a place to stand. Since every situation is unique, we encourage you to contact us for more ideas!


new orleans driveway off-street parking

By creating a defined driveway and connecting it to the home’s entry, the path offers a sturdy and clear route for guests. The driveway also offers safe off-street parking.


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