Hardscaping, the foundation of a successful landscape


Hardscaping, the foundation of a successful landscape

You have decided to create an outdoor space, now it is time to plan for your hardscaping needs. Hardscaping offers a plethora of appealing options whether you want a paved walkway or driveway or an elaborate outdoor living room.

When planning the hardscape phase of your project, the entire landscape of the area must be a consideration. One would not build a house by building a room, then a year or two later, add another room. Your outdoor space has to be given the same consideration as you are designing your space.  You may want to start with a courtyard and a walkway, then your project could eventually include a pool, water feature or retainer wall.  The planning stage should include a professional consultation to help you reach your current and future goals for your space.

Next you will want to choose a focal point; one or two visual elements for the eye to rest.  Once you have picked this point, the remainder of the space should be filled with elements that balance and finish the space.

With so many considerations, having a professional involved will ensure your outdoor space will fulfill your needs, both functionally and financially in a timely manner.