Landscape Construction & Installation

The landscape construction phase is one of the most exciting phases! Each day the landscape begins to transform and the final design eventually reveals itself. Exterior Designs employs a skilled landscaping team to work from detailed plans, install plant materials and construct courtyards with arbors, brick, stone, fountains and more.

The Process

  • Securing Permits: From time to time permits may be required for landscape renovations, and for most this is a huge obstacle. However, Beverly Katz of Exterior Designs has worked over the years building vital relationships throughout the community. This is where an experienced landscape contractor can be an invaluable asset to your overall project. Often permitting is overlooked by those less experienced or the process can be drawn out, causing your project to take longer than anticipated. With Exterior Designs, Beverly knows just who to contact when requesting permits. She thoroughly understands city codes and the permit approval process, which makes the procedure much easier for her clients. We will ensure all needed permits and paperwork are filed properly before beginning construction and will walk you through the process.
  • Construction & Installation: Our experienced team will work from the landscape architect’s detailed plans to ensure the project unfolds exactly as planned, collaborating together from the project’s inception through installation. Over the years, we have built solid relationships with industry professionals, allowing us to offer the best service affordably without sacrificing quality. Throughout the construction phase, our professional landscapers will leave your job site in top condition.
  • Project Management: During this phase, a project manager will be on hand to supervise the coordination between personnel, contractors, material procurement, permitting and budget. This will ensure your project stays on time and budget, while addressing any potential problems that may arise. Your project manager will provide you with updates along the way and will be your point-0f-contact  throughout the project.

For more information about our construction and installation services or to setup a consultation, please call us at (504) 866-0276 or contact us today!


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