Give the Gift of Landscaping

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Give the Gift of Landscaping

Having a hard time with your Christmas list? Consider giving the gift of landscape maintenance! Allow your loved one to relax this holiday season while we do the work! Or you could even give them a landscaping makeover or new design feature. While you may not be able to hide a new pergola, fire pit or fountain under the Christmas tree, we can wrap gift certificates, design plans or photos to help you create a memorable holiday gift.

A gift certificate is a great option for the person who has been reluctant to get started. Your special someone can participate in the landscaping project from beginning to end without having to lift a finger.

If you have a new design feature in mind, we can help you pull off a special gift by wrapping up inspiration photos, something to get your loved one excited!

Four Reasons to Give The Gift Of Landscaping

Give the Gift of Lending a Hand

Do you have a friend who is a single parent, wheelchair bound, or works long hours, yet they’ll stop to admire your azaleas? If you see a neighbor struggling to keep up around the yard, why not lend a helping hand? This is a perfect, practical gift that will be truly appreciated in every season.

Give the Gift of Professional Design

Maybe your loved one is more than capable and even enjoys landscaping, but needs a little inspiration from a professional designer. Give the gift of landscape design; this way they can go in and plan what they want and then make it happen!

Give the Gift of Time

Does your loved one work really hard and you want to recognize their efforts with a little rest and relaxation? Give time back to them by partnering with us, your local landscape company, to do all the heavy lifting in beautifying your property. This will allow them time to enjoy the landscape without having to remember all the exhausting work.

Give the Gift of Resale Value

Are you gearing up to sell your home? Is the yard a little bland? Gift yourself a landscaping service and increase your resale value! People love a beautiful property, so let Exterior Designs spruce it up and have an easier time selling it as well!

Allow Exterior Designs to help you create the relaxing space you’ve always dreamt of this holiday season.

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