Landscaping Fads for 2023


Landscaping Fads for 2023

We scoured the internet looking for landscaping trends for 2023 and here’s what we found:

Surrounding yourself with beauty indoors and out is not frivolous; rather, it’s a worthwhile endeavor that can improve your mood and outlook on life in general.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that homeowners are striving to give their outdoor spaces, porches and homes an aesthetic that makes them happy — ultimately creating a respite from everything else going on in the world. The trends we identify below are simple ways to get you into your yard whether that’s to garden or relax while enjoying the fruits of your labor!

  1. Swapping Lawns for Meadows:
    organic meadow garden

    Homeowners are replacing their lawns with more organic gardens that don’t require lawn maintenance.

    Homeowners are tearing out their lawns and swapping them for drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly plants. The appreciation for lawn alternatives continues to grow, with meadow gardens becoming more and more popular. Meadow gardens are so appealing because they support pollinators instead of harming them with the chemicals we see so widely used in an effort to chase “the perfect lawn”. Also, meadows don’t require mowing and their organic nature means there are no hard fast rules for how they should be achieved.

  2. Growing Your Own Bouquets: More and more gardeners are trying their hand at growing their own flowers for bouquets. Flowers that are easy to grow at home such as sunflowers, zinnias and cosmos in a variety of colors are all wonderful for bouquets. Many homeowners enjoy having fresh cut flowers adorn their dining tables, so why not try growing your own?! To get started, checkout these vase-worthy flowering bulbs, annuals and perennials.
  3. Incorporating More Houseplants and/or Expanding to Include Rare & Unusual Varieties:
    variegated rubber tree plant

    Variegated rubber tree plant.

    I recently came across an unusual looking houseplant at Smith’s Nursery in Ponchatoula. When I inquired about the plant, I was surprised to learn it is a rubber tree plant. I don’t know about you, but I only ever knew the variety with dark, green, glossy leaves. This is a variegated rubber tree plant that I eagerly scooped up and now it adorns my bedroom. I was happy to learn that rubber tree plants actually release a ton of oxygen, more than any other variety, are hypoallergenic and are very low maintenance. Incorporating more houseplants into your home will help clean the air you and your family are breathing, provide additional oxygen and lower stress and anxiety.

The three trends listed below are staying on the list from 2022. These are lasting trends we see that are still high priority for many of our homeowners.

  1. Courtyards: Concrete patios are being replaced with pavers and blue flagstone with a clean and repetitive design. Landscape designs are being stepped up with raised beds, benches and stairways this year. Consider adding a bi-level patio to your space allowing steps to transition guests from one level to another or to separate eating areas from entertaining areas. Varying levels creates visual interest and defines specific areas of the overall landscape, creating a relaxing outdoor space.
  2. Front Yard Renovations: Curb appeal has been rising as homeowners are caring more about the way their front landscaping looks. Overgrown, outdated shrubbery and front walkways are being replaced. Pollinator plantings are being installed. Some are even removing a part of their manicured lawn, opting for hospitable spaces for gathering with neighbors. Curb appeal matters to homeowners especially now when it’s a seller’s market. Read more about how landscaping can positively impact your home’s resale value.
  3. Pollinator Friendly Gardens:  To save our bees, pollinator gardens are a growing craze we do not see going away anytime soon. A small garden bed or even a few containers dedicated to our pollinators can serve as an oasis to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.  And don’t forget the milkweed for the caterpillars! Without our pollinator friends, who will pollinate our flowers and fruit? These busy insects are also an irreplaceable food source for songbirds and other creatures. Let’s create spaces for them to thrive and focus on reducing our reliance on pesticides, the number one reason for a dwindling pollinator population.

Remember, whatever your next project is a well executed plan is always key. A master plan is imperative to make the best use of your outdoor space and to keep your project within budget. We always work with our clients in phases to ensure their dream landscape comes together over time.

> Learn more about our design/build approach.

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