Rosenstein Landscape

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Rosenstein Landscape

Beverly Katz Adds a Touch of French Quarter Style to Metairie Home

Old world custom fireplace, brick paved courtyard and black wrought-iron details reflect influences of Spanish and French architecture.

fountain in lush garden

Multi-trunk Savannah Holly tree and elegant fountain set the stage for a colorful garden flanking the kitchen window.

Upon entering Cathy Green Rosenstein’s garden in Metairie, you cannot help but notice the vibrant colors that greet you. The eye is drawn to a large multi-trunk Savannah Holly tree and an elegant fountain used to anchor the space while setting the stage for a colorful garden that flanks the kitchen window. Intended to be enjoyed from inside the home as well as outside, the garden incorporates varying textures and heights, creating visual interest from both perspectives. Dwarf mondo grass provides a lush filler of dark green blades and is the perfect backdrop for the surrounding pink geraniums, blue salvias and sun-loving impatiens.

New Orleans style landscape with black wrought iron porch columns

Full of character, yet functional, Beverly Katz creates a a space fit for entertaining company.

Beverly Katz left nothing to chance when her client, Rosenstein, presented her with the challenge to design something special for a rear yard that longed for character, yet needed to be functional. Katz listened carefully, as she does with all her clients, when Rosenstein specifically requested a space for entertaining company and a play area for the children. Today, the praiseworthy garden addresses everything on Rosenstein’s wish list. Katz delivered an attractive space for entertaining, which also includes a stately custom built fireplace, brick paved courtyard and flamboyantly lush gardens throughout. The brick selected for the fireplace matches what was used on the house originally, blending seamlessly and appearing as if it has always been there.

cedar fence and chiminea

A weathered cedar board fence screens the busy street and offers a backdrop for surrounding trees.

A cedar fence was constructed to enlarge the rear yard and accommodate the children’s play system. The fence also assists in screening the busy street, offering an escape from the city. On the inside of the fence, trees were strategically placed to provide shade where needed. Assorted crape myrtle varieties and Savannah hollies were selected for their propensity to thrive in this region, and they did – withstanding high winds and surviving the trauma of Hurricane Katrina. Katz stresses the importance of tree selection, pointing out it is imperative to choose varieties recommended for stability and to endure the region’s weather patterns. The homeowner wanted to include sasanquas, camellias, hibiscus and azaleas, along with colorful seasonal annuals. And there certainly is no shortage of color in this stimulating garden. Orange bromeliad plants provide an exotic touch and a hint of yellow in the sea of pink and purple of blooming chrysanthemums.

old brick custom fireplace

A stately custom built fireplace becomes the focal point of the landscape blending seamlessly with the house’s exterior brick.

The homeowner especially enjoys the fountain placed outside the kitchen window that creates a therapeutic ambiance with the soothing sound of the water trickling down. Katz compares accents in the garden to accessorizing your outfit with jewelry. Careful thought of placement, shape, color and design of water features, furniture and containers personalize the space. Pink impatiens hang in baskets and beautiful pots and planters on the cocktail table repeat elements found within the garden. Ivy dribbles at the base of the containers and over the fireplace mantle, drawing greenery off the ground and softening the look.

“Just as jewelry makes you feel special, while tying together the overall appearance, art in a garden creates a similar feeling,” she says. “It is the finishing touch.”

Beverly blends

Beverly Katz adds a touch of French Quarter style to Metairie home with custom old world fireplace, brick paved courtyard, black wrought-iron details and flamboyantly lush gardens throughout.

Exterior Designs, Inc., the original New Orleans courtyard designer, is a full-service landscaping company offering design, construction, installation and project management for residential or commercial landscapes. Voted “Best of Houzz” in 2017, Exterior Designs is known locally for their New Orleans inspired landscapes. Beverly Katz, owner and landscape designer, creates her signature look by blending the timeless Spanish and French influences of the city’s architecture with functional solutions for the modern homeowner. Old brick and wrought-iron furniture are often balanced with black accents to achieve the charming French Quarter style her clients yearn for. Exterior Designs has become well known for a certain “je ne sais quoi” that transforms even the largest of landscapes into intimate spaces perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Visit for design inspiration or call (504) 866-0276 for a consultation.

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