Adding Shade Trees to your Landscape


Adding Shade Trees to your Landscape

When is the best time to add a shade tree to your landscape?

Beverly suggests fall is one of the best times to add shade trees to your landscape. The soil is still warm, yet the opportunity for rainfall and cooler temperatures allow the tree to establish itself before springtime. When selecting a shade tree for your landscape, a few considerations should be kept in mind.

  • Size
    • how large will the tree become once it’s mature
    • where will it cast its canopy in your landscape, and how will its shade affect other plants
  • Appearance
    • what will the tree look like throughout the year
    • will it fit in with your landscape aesthetic
  • Ecological
    • how your selection will benefit the local wildlife
    • whether or not the tree be a host to destructive insects and disease pests
  • Maintenance
    • what maintenance will accompany your selected tree

When considering trees for our landscapes, Exterior Designs usually recommends magnolia trees, oak varieties, and sweetgum trees. However, there are many other options too – fruit trees, crepe myrtles, miniature varieties and so many more!

If you have been yearning for more shade, contact us today and we can help you choose the right tree!

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