Lighting Trends in Landscape Architecture

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Lighting Trends in Landscape Architecture

Looking to start a landscape project in time for spring?  Exterior Designs and Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights partner frequently to create well lit New Orleans style courtyards and outdoor spaces using Bevolo’s copper electric & gas lighting. Read the interview below, copied from the original article at:

What makes New Orleans landscape unique?

The outdoor spaces reflect the historic buildings of Spanish and French influence with the brick masonry, wrought iron and sconces. Customers will say to me, ‘I just want a feeling of the past and to connect to [my] ancestors, I want what my grandmother had.’

Beverly achieves this feeling through careful selection of materials and frequent maintenance.

What trends are you seeing in Landscape Design?

Here, the trend is to stay Southern and true to local. I can take a huge space and make it an intimate area. It is important to use plant material native to the area–those will thrive and require less upkeep. Depending on the budget I choose to use Sweet Olives, azalea, gardenia, dwarf magnolias will all work in our area. If you can find Old Brick, it is so worth hiring a mason to install it. The look will be nostalgic and will last longer.

What materials do you enjoy using most?

People crave nostalgia and I use any materials that reflect or is influenced by the past. Depending on the budget, we can create a space that is intimate and pleasing. There should be soft lighting, maybe running water or a fountain, fragrance from the native plants. All these elements add to the mood of the space.

Do you think lighting adds to landscape design?

Lighting is a necessity. The way a light will shine from a sconce on the house — that brings ambiance. Adding a Bevolo, you’re not just adding an ordinary lantern on the house, it is touch of a sculpture. Soft lighting is very calming. Lighting is essential, how can you have an evening party without lighting?

Hope you gained some inspiration and insight for future Landscape projects.

Happy designing!

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