Summertime Landscaping

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Summertime Landscaping

Planning a bridal shower, wedding, baby christening??? Or maybe, you want a change—a chance to relax in your courtyard or backyard with welcoming flora and perhaps new hardscape, or lightening. What better reason to refurbish your summertime landscaping? Now is the time to clear away and update last year’s annuals, weeds and overgrowth and make changes.

Think of an all-white landscape planted with happy geraniums, gentle Impatiens, crisp wax begonias, elegant Spathiphyllums, and contemplative hydrangeas—in the soil surrounding the landscape or in an array of splendid clay or ceramic pots, in gorgeous colors and sizes to fit within your plan throughout your landscaping.

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Maybe you want a more colorful palate for your landscaping. This is the time of year—the right season–to make changes to create the look and feel you want for your special moments and events—or just for you.

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Changing or adding a new surface area can be a challenge, but with an experienced landscape designer, you can plan and execute a change that will meet your expectations and budget.

hardscape planter box

Lightening can create a dramatic change in your landscape. Highlight an architectural feature—a door, an alcove, a courtyard; add movement to a pool area with rotating lights; spotlight dark areas for security.

There’s a lot to think about when planning to refurbish your landscaping. Exterior Designs by Beverly Katz and her professional staff can assist.

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