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A lasting outdoor trend is the addition of a swimming pool, hot tub or water fountain. We specialize in designing around the focal point of your landscape, combining form with function to create an outdoor space as unique as you.

In the South, pools are especially popular as we all seek ways to escape from the heat. Many homeowners would enjoy their backyard much more if they had a reason to spend more time outside. Adding a swimming pool or hot tub is definitely a way to add to your outdoor space, while creating a place to relax and unwind. Fountains also create a unique ambiance by providing the soothing sound of running water.

Lush plants and flowers can be incorporated in the design to provide added beauty, shade and privacy. Concrete, brick and stone pavers installed around the pool add an elegant finish. Each of these materials is suited for pool paving applications because they can withstand the constant effects of the sun, pool water and chemicals.

When thinking about incorporating a water feature into your landscape, think Exterior Designs! We work directly with swimming pool contractors to design the environment in which your pool or spa will sit. Many factors should be taken into account when planning a water feature and it is important to include a landscape designer and/or architect in your project. By using our knowledge in drainage, we can ensure your swimming pool is installed in the best possible area.

Here are a few swimming pool projects we have had the pleasure of working on. Some are pool renovations where we breathe life back into an older pool and correct any issues along the way. We are also known for our custom pool designs in which we team up with the best swimming pool contractors to design the perfect exterior around your new pool.