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French Quarter Pool, Courtyard & Garden Renovation

From Problem Landscape to Elegant Escape

  • Problems:
    • Poor drainage
    • Overgrown gardens
    • Tired design
  • Solutions:
    • Redirect ground water
    • Tidy gardens with brick-edged beds
    • Update design with timeless New Orleans style selections

No detail was left unnoticed during this French Quarter transformation. A beautiful pool set in a sea of blue flagstone looks perfectly at home in this updated renovation. Exterior Designs by Beverly Katz completely overhauled the existing space to correct poor drainage, which resulted in standing water, and overgrown gardens that dwarfed the overall backyard space.

Exterior Designs’ landscaping team had to remove everything down to the dirt to correctly solve drainage issues and properly prepare a level surface for the flagstone. In the before pictures note the addition of pipes, which are used to promote good drainage throughout the backyard space. A French drain was installed to redirect surface water and provide it a means to escape. Our team of landscape experts also leveled the area around the pool, creating an even surface for the hardscape materials. Beverly Katz selects blue flagstone as a timeless New Orleans look to enhance the existing swimming pool and provide an even pool surround and courtyard.

We complete the transformation by tidying up the gardens with brick-edged beds. Using a layering technique, tall trees create privacy and anchor the gardens, while lush shrubs and annuals create a textured, colorful foreground. The overall finished look is understated, yet elegant and is a true escape from the bustling city.