Good Fences Make Great Neighbors

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Good Fences Make Great Neighbors

Maybe Robert Frost didn’t agree in his “Mending Wall” poem, but over the years we have come to learn that good fences really do make great neighbors. Privacy is always a concern especially when living in the city, and Exterior Designs has helped numerous clients in solving their challenges through well placed landscaping.

Take this New Orleans home for example, our client came to us seeking a way to make his backyard more secluded from the neighboring houses.

living fence

The After image shows what the trees and shrubs looked like just after Exterior Designs planted them. Read on to see the living fence as it becomes taller and fuller.



Before Exterior Designs, the back porch was exposed to the elements and the neighboring house had a clear line of sight to the backyard.

Their main complaint was they could not enjoy their back porch, pool or patio without feeling like they weren’t alone. I’m sure they have lovely neighbors, but no matter how nice they are there are times when you just crave a little solitude.

Beverly Katz of Exterior Designs, Inc. is known for her vision in which she can correct a homeowner’s problem and know what it will look like before it is even complete. Here Beverly uses trees and shrubs to create a living wall. The idea is that as the foliage matures, it will become taller and thicker obstructing the view from the neighboring homes.

Here Beverly adds a traditional New Orleans pergola to provide additional privacy and shade. The pergola also protects the house from unwanted heat and sun. By refinishing the existing deck and stairs, the porch is given an instant makeover and truly becomes the focal point in this backyard transformation. Exterior Designs completes the look by updating the concrete and brick surrounding the pool.



fence pool pergola

This backyard transformation not only solves the homeowner’s privacy issue, but also gives them a place to relax and unwind.

Whether your complaint is lack of privacy, nosey neighbors or the loud four-legged friends next door, Exterior Designs can help you create your very own backyard oasis. There are myriad ways to add privacy in the landscape, from putting in perimeter plantings to building fences, stone walls, or garden structures. Your home should be enjoyed indoors and out, and we have ideas to get you back to enjoying your outdoor space. Contact Exterior Designs to schedule a consultation and correct your problem area today!